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Weight Loss

Nutritional supplements are important for your health and wellbeing. It is however important to use health supplements containing vitamins and minerals in a state or format nature provides it.

The human body is not designed to consume isolated nutrients and use them effectively. It must take in a full spectrum of supporting complementary nutrients as they exist in nature. So, for example, lycopene is one phytonutrient found in tomatoes that is well known to help prevent prostate cancer. But, in fact, if you take lycopene by itself, it's not going to have nearly the positive effect of eating whole tomatoes or taking whole-food concentrates made from dried organic tomatoes. So getting these minerals in their full-spectrum natural ratios (ratios in which they're found in nature) is very important.

It's also important to consider the density of these nutrients. If you try to eat 10 fresh tomatoes at one serving, you probably wouldn't be able to get through more than five or six without feeling full. That's because tomatoes have a lot of water, and they fill you up quickly. So you wouldn't be able to get much nutrition from those tomatoes if you ate them raw. Certainly, they're good for you in their raw form, and that's the best way to eat them, but that's not going to meet your nutritional needs.

In contrast, if you were to take these 10 tomatoes and dry them, and then grind them up into a powder, and then shape that powder into capsules or tablets and consume those, you could easily eat those 10 tomatoes and enjoy all their nutritional benefits. The density of nutrients is important for the human body. That does not mean that you shouldn't eat raw tomatoes or other whole foods. Raw foods are good for calories, but getting outstanding nutrition requires consuming whole food concentrates. One can eat both: fruits and vegetables for enjoyment and calories, combined with whole food concentrates for nutrition.

Avoid isolated vitamins and minerals

Nutritionists recommend that you move away from isolated vitamins and minerals. (see the article on Real Vitamins and Minerals) One should be careful when considering to buy low-cost bottles of vitamin C or calcium or other vitamins and minerals available from pharmacies or grocery stores. These are typically not going to do you very much good, because your body doesn't need for example just vitamin C; your body needs a whole complement of vitamins from a lot of different sources. It is also wise not to be convinced by the long list of vitamins included in a capsule or even the amount of gram or microgram of specific vitamins and minerals included. Vitamins and minerals produced by various chemical processes are not nearly providing you with vitamins and minerals that your body would consume and use from natural sources, especially plant sources. Your body is designed to consume plants and not chemicals.

Products like Nutricare, Flexiflax and Compleat Adult should not be regarded as pills or medicine, it is high-density food you can use to stay healthy and in many cases assist in recovering from an ailment.  It contains real whole food full of minerals and vitamins - and more - as provided by nature.  And it is almost 100% digestable.