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Product Cycle



Carefully selected seed is rinsed in clean water.
The seeds are untreated and completely natural, non GMO varieties.

12 hours later

12 Hours after planting the seed starts to germinate. The germination process unlocks a myriad of enzymes which present to body with highly bioavailable food.

Barley seed at various stages of gemination

The speed of growth increases the availability of nutrients and minerals.

Stages of sprouting

The components of Sterolin 2000 at various stages of sprouting.
Legume, Cereals and Oilseeds are carefully selected to provide the optimum mix which makes up Sterolin 2000. 

Growing chamber

The growing chamber provides optimum growing conditions.
Irrigation water is pure, containing no fertilizer, and only organically certified sterilant.


Specially trained staff, wearing sterilised boots and clothes keep a daily check on growth rate and quality.

Harvest Time

Product havested by hand.

After Harvesting 

After Harvesting, the product is rinsed in clean water and Organically Approved sterilant to remove any traces of mould.

Sunflower sprouts

Rinsing the sunflower sprouts after harvesting.


Once harvested and rinsed, there is a race against time, as the product has to be in the dryer within 6 hours of harvesting.
We average 3.5 Hours
Here the product is ready to be processed for drying

Drying Trolley

A picture showing the trolley loaded with wet product, ready to be rolled into the dryer for the drying cycle.

High Tech Dryer

Product is wheeled into this high tech dryer.
Dryer was specifically designed for enzyme and sterol survival.
Drying cycle – 18 Hours

18 Hours

Dried product is ready for blending and milling.
Drying process uses neither heat nor cold, thus maintaining the biological integrity of the plant sprout


Once product is dried, it is put through a specialised mill which reduces particle size, enabling efficient blending and encapsulation


Nutricare ready for shipping. Samples, from each batch,are taken which are tested at an internationally accredited lab. A full microbial report accompanies each batch

Our Facilities


Growing chamber

Full climate control
Guaranteed Quality
Rapid Germination
No Chemicals


Various stages of germination.


Various ingredients at different stages of growth.



Barley sprouts after 5 days.