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Roland Kroon (B.Agric), 41 years of age, CEO, Camdeboo Health Products (Pty) Ltd

In 1995, I started a romantic liason with a new teacher in Graaff Reinet. She was from the middle of Cape Town, and I from the middle of nowhere. History will show that the chances of a new, attractive young teacher leaving a place like Graaff Reinet, with the same surname as she arrived, is very very slim.

In 1999 we decided to formalize our relationship, but since Sam would not be able to drive the 40Km into town everyday to teach, we decided to look for an alternative project for her which would meet a number of criterion, not the least of which was to create employment for, then unemployed, and largely illiterate, wifes of the farm staff.

It was by chance that we stumbled on the concept of growing green feed in a controlled environment. This process has been used in Australia for a number of years, by farmers wishing to become independent of weather conditions. We embarked on a research programme, which looked at starting a small dairy, or feed lot using the green material we would grow. Unfortunately the numbers just did’nt make sense, due to the high capital cost of the project.

We continued looking at possibilities, and eventually were introduced to the concept of producing Nutritional supplements, for resale into the Human Wellness market. To make this possible required a vast amount of capital by our standards, and also was shrouded in a rather grey cloud of risk. I managed to convince my brother and two other capital partners, as well as begged the financial institutions, to assist in setting up the project.

On face value it really looked as simple as flicking a few switches and then spending hours wondering what to do with the money we would make. Well 3 years, many many switches, grey hairs and a near ulcer or two later, we have finally got it right, though the money is still a rather absent ingredient.

The factory of Camdeboo Health Products (Pty) Ltd, is situated 35Km from Graaff Reinet, on the farm ‘Excelsior”, an Organically certified, fully functional sheep and Cattle farm.

In a nutshell, we produce a completely natural, plant based, non extracted nutritional supplement, which is highly digestible, contains all the necessary plant fats (Sterols), vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, to provide the basis for normalized nutritional state in humans. The products that we produce contain sufficient amounts of plant based compounds to modulate the immune system, while assisting in enhancing energy levels, normalizing digestion etc etc.

In slightly more, detail:

1. The process begins with the selection of the appropriate cultivar of seed, which is free from chemical residues and has a high germination rate. We use a number of different seeds to produce the blends which we require for our health products. We use a blend of Cereals, Oilseeds and Legumes which will provide the correct nutritional balance.

2. Once the seeds have been selected, they are measured out and soaked in clean water, to which an organically acceptable sterilant has been added. The soaking period varies from seed to see.

3. After soaking, the seeds are placed into the growing chamber and remain until harvesting. ( This period varies between 4 and 8 days).

a. During this growing process, the seed value is transmutated into a highly digestible, nutritious form, with a massive multiplication in the available nutrients and enzymes taking place.
b. There are no chemicals or fertilizers used in the entire process, other than the measures on complete hygiene, and the use of the soaking sterilant. One of the biggest threats is bacteria and mould.
c. The daily harvest is in the region of 300-500Kg, with a water consumption of less than 500L.
d. All water is drawn from a natural spring, fed from the pure winter snows, rains which fall on Nardous, the 2400m peak and adjacent watershed.

4. Upon harvesting, the product is again rinsed in clean water, after which it is liquidized. The liquidized product is then placed onto Food Grade, Stainless Steel plates, and is then loaded into the drier.

a. The Drying process is highly specialized, in that it is not temperature dependant.
b. The drying process lasts about 18 hours, in which low pressure is used to extract the moisture.
c. Electrical heating is used to maintain the temperature of the product, in a very narrow temperature band.
d. The Drying process is highly specialized, and obviously very expensive, but it does ensure that the finished product has all biological and chemical properties of the fresh product before it was dried. Herein lies the essence of the process.
e. The drying process lasts about 18 hours, after which the product is removed and milled into a fine powder, blended and shipped to a Medical Controlled Council (MCC) approved facility for encapsulation, bottling and labeling.

5. The products:
a. The products which are produced are basically labeled as nutritional supplements which assist in normalizing the immune system, as well providing highly bioavailable nutrition.
b. Sprouts are recognized as Super Foods, and since the capsules we produce are basically sprouts, one 600mg capsule is equal to approx 1 cup of fresh sprouts.
c. In addition, the basic powder we produce is blended with a number of Traditional herbal remedies, in order to address a number of ailments.
d. The products are rich in Sterols and Sterolins, which have been proven to modulate the immune system, and alleviate inflammation.
e. The products assist in the treatment of many ailments, including Multiple Sclerosis, Glandular fever, TB, HIV/AIDS, Rheumatoid Athritis, Fibromyalgia and in conditions of compromised immune system from whatever cause.
f. We have particular success with reducing and in some cases, eliminating the side effects of chemotherapy, as well some spectacular results in HIV and AIDS sufferers. ( This product contains Sutherlandia Microphylla, a traditional herbal remedy also known as Cancer Bush.
g. One of our newest products “Flexiflax” is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, in addition to which it contains high quantities of Lignans, which are known as phytoestrogens, which have been implicated in the prevention Cervical and breast cancer. It has also shown promising results with the treatment of Gout and DVT.

6. It must be stressed that although these products have been registered with the MCC, they are not medicines, but in fact Nutritional Supplements.

7. In the absence of clinical trials, it is normal for the medical fraternity to view products such as these with some scepticism, but since they are derived from basic food components, are non extracted, and contain no artificial additives, they have absolutely no side effects.

8. Our target markets are the corporate wellness programmes, and also, due to the low cost, mass employers such as agriculture, mines etc. Specifically the HIV management programmes, where due to the low cost, it can be used as a blanket treatment, reducing the necessity for disclosure of HIV status.

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