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Sterols and Sterolins

Phytosterols, or plant sterols, are basically plant fats that occur naturally in all fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and soy products. Sterols and sterolins are called phytosterols. Phytosterols is the collective name for plant sterols and their sterolin glycosides.

Phytosterols appear to have important immuno-modulatory and anti-inflammatory activities. They have been shown to regulate the functions of the T-cells by enhancing their cellular division and their secretion of lymphokines – which control the activity of B cells which produce antibodies.

In natural foods the ratio of sterols to sterolins is in the region of 6:1. They occur in most “live” foods, but are very sensitive to heat, cold and oxidising agents. In fact most sterols break down within six hours of harvest.

The modern diet is almost devoid of phytosterols due to factors such as the time between harvest and consumption, processing, preservation techniques etc. It follows then thats the source of phytosterols must be sought elsewhere.

There are many sterol products on the market, but all of them are from a chemically extracted source and although the sterol content is much higher, the sterol to sterolin ratio is in the region of 100:1. By implication the sprout derived sterols need only be 1/6th as concentrated to reach the same meaningful concentrations in the digestive system.

In addition the bioavailability benefits of sprouts imply a much higher real level of sterols and sterolins than the conventional products.

Sprout supplements provide plant sterols in abundance that in turn provide your immune system with a strong defense system.

Camdeboo Health Products provide you with nutritional supplements containing vitamins and minerals and several more natural ingredients like digestive enzymes and phytosterols.

More details on Sterols

Nutricare capsules consist of 600 mg plant sprouts in powder form containing Phytonutrients, Sterols/Sterolins, Digestive Enzymes, Vitamins and Minerals.
Sterolandia 50 capsules consist of 300 mg of Nutricare and 300 mg of Sutherlandia.