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Lignans are strong anti-oxidants that protect against environmental toxins. It could slow the aging process in humans.

Several animal studies have shown that lignans from flax seed reduce cancer tumours. Research suggests that these compounds mimic the body's own estrogen type cells and can block the hormone based tumours such as hormone related cancer of the breast, ovary and prostate.

Since lignans are digested into estrogenic compounds many of their health benefits such as slowing down osteoporotic actively may be attributed to their hormonal effects.

Other benefits are derived from their non-hormonal metabolic properties such as their favourable influence on enzymatic protein synthesis or cellular transport.

The health benefits of lignans, when allied to those of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), could be of particular importance to menopausal women and middle aged to elderly men.

According to Wikipedia Flax seed and Sesame seed are among the highest known sources of lignans.

Flexiflax from Camdeboo Health Products contains pure dried sprouted Flax powder. Flax seed is nature's richest and best source of Omega 3 and is also rich in lignans. Persons suffering from the following chronic ailments will benefit from Flax: Cardiac disease, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis and Osteo-porosis. Omega 3 and Omega 6 is found in Flax in the perfect ratio.